Brick Snow Corps Called into Action


The Brick Township Snow Corps was called up for the first time this month, during the February 9th snow storm. Following the storm, Mayor Ducey paid a visit to a few of the people who received much-needed assistance, who talked about how crucial it was for them to have help clearing their cars and driveways. The visits also gave him an opportunity to thank the volunteers personally for their service.

 “The strain and physical demand of snow removal can be daunting. For seniors or disabled residents, it can be virtually impossible,” explained Mayor Ducey. “That’s why this program is so important. And it’s great to see Brick Residents like Mr. Carey and the Repage family start to be a part of it.”

 The Brick Township Snow Corps aims to assist elderly and disabled residents by removing snow from their walkways, driveways and sidewalks. The program is actively seeking volunteers to join and contribute their time. Anyone interested in volunteering please call 732-262-4713.

Mr. & Mrs. Remondelli and Jason Carey. Jason answered a call that was put out on the township’s Facebook page during the storm, looking for any volunteers to join the Snow Corps. He proceeded to clear snow from not only the Remondelli’s residence but a number of other residences, as well.
Marybeth Repage and her three children, Mary Kate, Connor and Christian. They shoveled and cleared the driveway and walkway of resident Filomena Garofalo, who has medical issues that prevent her from standing for long periods of time, let alone shovel an entire driveway.