Mayor Commends Army Corps of Engineers for Beach Project Contract


Mayor John Ducey is commending the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on their awarding a contract for the long awaited construction of beaches and dunes in northern Ocean County including Brick Township.  This area was devastated by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

“This is great news for Brick Township and Ocean County.  We all saw what happens when there is not adequate protection from nature’s power.  This project will address the vulnerability of the coastline in our area and I commend the Army Corps of Engineers in taking this important step,” said Mayor Ducey.

The $92 million contract was awarded to Weeks Marine for the first phase of construction.  The total contract amount is expected to reach $128 million.  The federal government is paying 65% of the project with the state paying the remaining 35%.

The project calls for using 11 million cubic yards of sand to be pumped from offshore to build 22 foot high dunes and 300 foot wide beaches.  In Brick Township, the dunes will complement the 4-mile long steel wall to add extra protection to the shore and Route 35.

Work on the project will begin in the spring and will commence in 1,000 foot sections.