Brick Farmers’ Market Returning May 21st – Many Vendors Announced

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BRICK – Mayor John G. Ducey has announced that due to popular demand, the Brick Farmers’ Market is returning to Windward Beach for the 2016 Season. The Market will be open every Saturday from May 21 – October 1  at 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. The season has been extended this year to coincide with the growing season, allowing customers to receive the freshest produce possible. There will also be even more exciting vendors this year offering everything from produce, artisan breads, and cookies to candles, soaps and wood products.

The Brick Farmers’ Market is committed to providing a venue where local farmers, producers, artisans, and crafters provide a variety of fresh produce and related products directly to the community. The market inspires open communication between consumers and growers, promotes buying fresh and eating local, and promotes nutritious food choices. As a family friendly market, it creates a strong sense of community.

Exciting vendors we expect to see throughout the season include:

  • All You need is Cake
  • Arepa Worksfamers market2
  • Bang Cookies
  • Beckage Farm
  • Big Spoon Little Spoon
  • Bread Smith
  • Caldino’s
  • Colony Market
  • Creamridge
  • Dewolf
  • Farmets AL
  • Funky Chunks Soap
  • High Mountain
  • Jakers Pickles
  • Juice Plus
  • Kaufmans Farms
  • Krakus Deli
  • LaLa Tee Time
  • Lave Hand Soap
  • M&N Farms
  • Mee Wee
  • Momma Home Made
  • Origin Farm
  • Scone Shoppe
  • Sea Glass
  • Shore Shake
  • The Candle Bistro
  • Thompson Brothers

CLICK HERE to register your business for 2016. 

For more information, please visit, email or call 732-757-2891.

Here are 4 tips to make the most of your Farmers’ Market experience:

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1- Research featured businesses

Become familiar with the farmers and artisans selling at your local market.  Typically, sellers at markets are the same individuals who grow the produce.  Getting to know farmers personally can help build a long lasting relationship and get you better deals.

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2- Arrive with a flexible palate

Be willing to try new fruits and vegetables at your farmers’ market.  Lesser known products are often much cheaper than your typical produce.  Be adventurous and add new foods to your meals.

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3- Flatter the farmers

Chat with your farmers!  Don’t forget to compliment them on all of their hard work.  If you loved last week’s cilantro, let them know.  Everybody loves to be appreciated and chatting about food can lead to personal relationships with growers.  If you find your way into a farmer’s heart you may walk away with a better deal on their produce.

4- Buy produce in bulk

Purchase produce when it is in its peak season. Many growers will have a surplus of fruits and vegetables that you can buy in bulk and keep for future use.  Buying in bulk can save you money on seasonal food that you may not be able to purchase during the rest of the year.  Try canning, drying, or freezing produce for use during its off season!

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