Mayor Ducey Urges Residents to Contact Wegmans for a Brick Store

BRICK – Mayor John G. Ducey is encouraging residents that would like Wegmans to consider coming to Brick Township to contact the company and request a store be built in the community.


“One thing that has been made abundantly clear to me is that the residents of Brick Township want a Wegmans built here. It is one of the most frequent requests I have heard from residents over the past several years,” said Mayor Ducey. “We have been in contact with Wegmans and they do not feel that there is sufficient demand. I urge residents to show them that isn’t the case by writing to them and telling them how much you want a Wegmans in Brick Township.”


Brick Township saw the closure of two supermarkets last year after the closure of the community’s Pathmark and A&P Stores.


“There is currently a large commercial vacancy in the Laurel Square Plaza that could suit Wegmans,” said Mayor Ducey. Laurel Square Plaza was the former home of the town’s Pathmark supermarket.


Mayor Ducey strongly believes that there is a market for Wegmans in Brick Township and neighboring communities. There are roughly 346,000 citizens in Brick Township and the communities that border it.
Mayor Ducey urges residents to visit Brick Township’s Facebook page and follow the link to contact Wegmans. He also urges residents to post on Wegmans’ Facebook ( and Twitter (@Wegmans) pages urging them to come to Brick Township and suggested using #BrickTownshipWantsAWegmans.


Anyone who would like to write a letter to Wegmans should send it to:
Wegmans Food Markets 1500 Brooks Avenue P.O. Box 30844 Rochester, NY 14603-084