Mayor Ducey Attends NJ Mayors Summit on Terrorism Prevention in Municipalities

ducey with police

Brick Mayor John Ducey attended the New Jersey Conference of Mayor’s Winter Summit on Thursday, which focused on terrorism and its impact on New Jersey municipalities. Dr. Christopher Rodriguez, Director of NJ Homeland Security, was the keynote speaker at the Summit.

Dr. Rodriguez briefed the Mayors in attendance on the NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness’ (OHSP) efforts to prevent terrorist attacks throughout the State. Dr. Rodriguez warned that last year, terrorists were the most active they have been since 9/11, citing the attacks in San Bernardino and Paris. The OHSP has assessed that the highest threat level to NJ in 2016 are Homegrown Violent Extremists – individuals inspired by foreign terrorist organizations and radicalized in the countries in which they are born, raised, or reside. In 2015, five ISIS-affiliated terrorist arrests were captured in New Jersey.

“Terrorism has become an important issue in this Country.  We are fortunate to have one of the finest police departments in the state working to keep us safe,” said Mayor Ducey. “Reports of all threats, no matter the source, are taken extremely seriously.  Police Chief Jim Riccio works very closely with the Office of Homeland Security and is committed to the safety of our residents.”

Dr. Rodriguez encouraged Mayor Ducey and other municipal leaders to spread the message that an informed public is an important part of the fight against terrorism. For more information on the OHSP’s 2016 Terrorism Threat Assessment, please visit All residents are encouraged to contact the Brick Police Department at (732) 262-1150 to report any suspicious activity.